Norshaft energy committee

We’re currently working on a few projects to save Vermonters energy – and money, too!

Some of the projects we're currently working on...

Window Dressers

A group of dedicated volunteers is working hard to bring the WindowDressers program to our community in Bennington County this Fall. We hope to connect our neighbors with quality interior-mounted window inserts for their homes and businesses. This is a volunteer-led effort supported, in part, by Shires Housing and NorShaft Energy Committee, which aims to help all of Bennington County, not solely Shires Housing or North Bennington and Shaftsbury residents.

Want to know more about our efforts? Take a look at this recent Banner article.

What is window dressers?

Window Dressers began in 2010 in a church in Rockland, Maine, and has grown to help many communities improve warmth and comfort of interior spaces, lower heating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution. The 501(c)3 helps communities bring together volunteers of all economic and social situations to produce low-cost insulating window inserts.

For more information or to sign up to volunteer or order window inserts, please call Bruce at (802) 234-3050 or shoot us an email at, and follow us on Facebook. You can also find more detailed information about the WindowDressers organization, window inserts, the community build model, and FAQs at

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Energy Tool Kit

Check out our FREE energy Tool Kit

We have a free Home Energy Tool Kit for you to use to help you save energy and money in your home. 

Our Home Energy Saving Tool Kit is the brainchild of Bill Christian, an energy-efficiency engineer who is a member of the NorShaft Energy Committee and the Bennington County Regional Energy Committee. Bill’s enthusiasm for saving energy (and money) led him to gather three instruments that can be used by any homeowner or renter to check the energy efficiency of their residence:

  1. A Power Meter to help you measure actual electricity use to find out where your monthly electric bill dollars go.

  2. A Carbon Dioxide – Humidity Meter that measures how much air is leaking out of your living space so you can determine if where you might need to tighten up to reduce drafts. The meter can also help you find out if your living space is “healthy.”

  3. An Infrared Thermometer can help you find heating and cooling waste in your dwelling.

    If you’d like to borrow the Home Energy Took Kit from the John G. McCullough Library in North Bennington, please email for rental questions, pickups and returns.


Stay warm & cozy and save money

More information on our weatherization efforts coming soon!

In the meantime visit ButtonUpVermont to learn more. 

Plastic Bag Recycling

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Those pesky plastic bags that keep piling up in your home? We’re working on efforts to collect them, send them off to a company that will turn them into plastic lawn furniture so they don’t end up in the landfill. Currently Hannaford in Bennington no longer accepts plastic bags so we’re looking for a way we can all benefit. 

More to come soon! 

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